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Hello! I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Toronto with a passion for technology and Software Development.

In my spare time, I work on projects ranging from Cryptographic locks to award-winning competition robots.

Although I primarily work with software, I also enjoy experimenting and using it with hardware to create something awesome.

I worked on integrating PyTorch with the world's fastest AI accelerator at Cerebras Systems.

I contributed to the Lazy Tensor Core components of PyTorch and Torch-MLIR — an open-source project supported by Google and the LLVM Foundation.

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Software Development Engineer Intern

Cerebras Systems

ML Frameworks Software Engineer

Hack the 6ix

Board Member (Prev. Co-Chair & Web Director)

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🏆 LingoVision

Translate any text, simply by blinking at it

🎉 Awarded Hack the North 2022 Finalist and Most Innovative Eye Tracking Application


Bringing PyTorch into the MLIR eco-system via Lazy Tensors

🏆 RBC Voice

Banking made easy with Google Assistant

🎉 Awarded Most Innovation Solution by RBC


Indoor positioning system with an accuracy of 1m


Affordable and Versatile Dorm Automation System

🏆 Cube Factor Authentication

Rubik's Cube based Encryption System

🎉 Awarded First Place, Best Hardware Hack, and Most Technically Complex

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Want to get in touch? Feel free to connect with me here:

    "name" : "Henry Tu",
    "age" : 22,
    "school" : "University of Toronto",
    "program" : "Computer Science",
    "email" : ,
    "github" : "https://github.com/henrytwo",
    "linkedin" : "https://linkedin.com/in/henry-tu",
    "resume" : "https://henrytu.me/resume"

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