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Hello! I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Toronto with a passion for technology and Software Development.

In my spare time, I work on projects ranging from Cryptographic locks to award-winning competition robots.

Although I primarily work with software, I also enjoy experimenting and using it with hardware to create something awesome.

I worked on integrating PyTorch with the world's fastest AI accelerator at Cerebras Systems.

I contributed to the Lazy Tensor Core components of PyTorch and Torch-MLIR — an open-source project supported by Google and the LLVM Foundation.

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Cerebras Systems

ML Frameworks Software Engineer

Hack the 6ix

Board Member (Prev. Co-Chair & Web Director)

UofT Engineering

Full Stack Web Developer

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Bringing PyTorch into the MLIR eco-system via Lazy Tensors


Submitting assignments made easy

RBC Voice

Banking made easy with Google Assistant


Affordable and Versatile Dorm Automation System


Indoor positioning system with an accuracy of 1m

GAN Analysis Paper

Comparing the interpretability of GAN architectures
CSC413 Final Project

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    "name" : "Henry Tu",
    "age" : 21,
    "school" : "University of Toronto",
    "program" : "Computer Science",
    "email" : ,
    "github" : "https://github.com/henrytwo",
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    "resume" : "https://henrytu.me/resume"